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Montagna Amica e Sicura
MontagnAmica e Sicura is an ambitious project organised by the Mountain Rescue and Mountain Guides divisions of the Club Alpino Italiano (CAI) in collaboration with all the associations involved in training and/or the prevention of accidents in the mountains.
Local contacts
The project is currently being implemented in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. We have divided the region into three areas, each with one or more contacts to answer the organisational requests from the “instructors” groups or groups requesting their services.
Groups and Schools
The Club Alpino Italiano has commissions and schools set up to teach techniques for moving about in the mountains and to promote the culture of safety in all activities in mountain areas.
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Mountain and Cave Rescue Service
The Mountain and Cave Rescue Service (Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico, C.N.S.A.S.) is an operational branch of the Club Alpino Italiano. It provides a surveillance and accident prevention service for mountaineering, hiking and caving activities and is responsible for the rescue of accident and fall victims. There are 29 stations and 698 volunteers in the Veneto, including technical experts and rescue operators.
Finance Police Mountain Rescue Service
The Italian Finance Police Mountain Rescue Service has been helping protect human life in the mountains since 1965 when it was officially founded.  It consists of highly motivated volunteers selected on the basis of rigorous criteria to guarantee the most efficient service possible, with 25 stations located in strategic positions throughout the Alps and on the Gran Sasso and Etna mountains.   
State Forestry Department Mountain Rescue service
The State Forestry Department has always been deeply committed to safeguarding Italy’s food, agricultural, forestry and environmental resources, but above all, its organisation for investigating crime in these sectors has been considerably reinforced in recent years.  
Mountain Guides
The mountain guide (“Guida Alpina”) is a professional figure recognised at national and international level as the only competent figure able to ensure correct frequentation of the mountains. The role of the mountain guide is to accompany those frequenting mountain areas and promote knowledge of all aspects of the mountains. The main value communicated by the mountain guides to those wanting a correct and serene approach to the mountains is a deep and aware relationship with the environment.

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